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Mental Health Coaching 
Grief Coaching and Human Design 

Ruby Hanson 

If you are wondering if mental health coaching is right for you then, you are in the right place.









Mental health coaching helps you develop a greater awareness of yourself while learning effective tools to better manage the challenges in your life.

At Ruby Hanson, we work together to help you manage emotions, challenge your negative thought patterns, improve your relationships, and increase your ability to handle stress and anxiety.  Through listening, mental health coaches act as your support system— providing you with insight on what’s going on below the surface while teaching you the skills needed to bolster your mental health, manage your grief, and develop a strong connection to your self. 



Mental Health

Mental health coaching  help you to see yourself in new ways and open up new avenues of transformation and personal growth.



Grief coaching provides you with the highest level of grief support through  the often unacknowledged rocky terrain of grief.



Human design coaching possible for you to live the life you desire and fulfill your dreams with ease instead of struggl by giving you a blueprint of how your energy works .


Classes and Programs

Classes offer a different format for you to develop new thought patterns and somatic practices to increase your ability to respond to life in a more helpful way. 

Therapy Sessions

Get Support Now

Every session is tailored to your personal needs beginning with an in-depth consultation that will lay out a sure path for your mental health coaching sessions.    Consultations will always be at no cost to you.

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Kelly's Coaching Approach

Kelly starts sessions by meeting you where you are and holding space for what issues are present for you while integrating principles of NLP, CBT, Integrated Somatic Trauma Therapy, Human Design, and NARM.  This trauma informed approach allows you to collaborate with the her to set the pace of the sessions while you work together to create resources that help you reclaim your voice, choice, and power. ​​

Creating Change

Coaching can help you to build your own personal therapeutic toolbox filled with tools and practices that you can use now and throughout the rest of your life.  While coaching is future focused, its primary goal is  to make improvements in your present life.  The process starts with creating a connection, next working  to identify what you need to work on, validating your experience, then visualizing what your plan of action looks like, and  then creating change by taking small supported steps. 






Validate and Visualize



The insights Kelly brought me have been the most healing of anything I've experienced...

Kathy Bochonko

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