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Why Coach With Human Design

  Who are you?  Do you feel like anybody really even sees you? Maybe what you are feeling is that no one can keep up with what you are saying or doing? 

  It is not uncommon for people to question their sense of self, to feel misunderstood, or to feel like they need more time to make decisions. 

  The world we live in teaches us that we need to be a certain way in order to reach our highest potential to be successful. It is as though at birth we were given a map of life that was written by our culture, our community, and our family. This map contained limitless routes and infinite possibilities, but only a few paths were pointed out and deemed safe or appropriate for us. As children we were able to understand the vastness of potential on the map, but as the years passed, so did our ability to read the unmarked trails until we were left with a few, predetermined ways of living our lives. 

  So what if you allowed yourself to see your map with new eyes? Would you make different choices in work, in relationships, or in determining what success looks like?  What would it feel like to allow yourself to ask new questions about how you lead your life? 

  This type of personal and relational exploration is made possible by taking the map of your life and overlaying the system of human design on top of it.  In human design, we can hold a physical blueprint of your being and begin to weave the themes present in your bodygraph to look at new ways to understand the paths you have taken in your life and what is the best direction for your future. 


Meet Kelly 

Human Design Practitioner and Death Doula 

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Human Design is a system based that uses birth information to help you be your best self by highlighting opportunities and challenges in your bodygraph. 

A Bodygraph is your personal blueprint or energetic map created in Human Design.  

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Human Design Types 

There are five HD types.  The Projector, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Manifestor, and Reflector.  Each type has unique ways of making decisions and interacting in the world. 

What do I need to create my chart

To create a Human Design chart you need your date of birth, your birth place, and time of birth.  Don't have your time of birth? Specialized sessions can help identify time of birth. 

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What is a Bodygraph


“I’ve honestly never felt so seen, recognized, and unconditionally accepted and understood as I have working with Kelly over the past few months. She offered such a kind and loving space in which I felt free to share and express myself without every worrying about being judged.

By reading my chart and taking the time to really understand me and all the things that I’ve been trying to work through, she helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself as well as my interactions with others. I realized how our differences are truly beautiful and have embraced my strengths and what I thought were my “quirky” characteristics to show up in my full power and light.
So grateful for the time with Kelly and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to understand themselves and their HD better to live out their dreams.”

Sabina O.


  • Standard Human Design Reading

  • Human Design Based Coaching

  • Understand Your Child Sessions

  • Relationship Connection Chart Reading

  • Yearly Themes With Solar Transits

  • Grief Work With Human Design

  • Three Best Months End of Life Planning 

  • Death Doula Sessions 


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