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Human Design 

Human design coaching possible for you to live the life you desire and fulfill your dreams with ease instead of struggl by giving you a blueprint of how your energy works .

Human Design sessions can help you:

Accelerate healing and acceptance

Unlearn old patterns

Develop a healthy mindset

Improve relationships

Uncover strenghths 

  Human design is a system for better understanding yourself and others.  

It is based on birth information but for those of us who may not have access to our true birth time, place, or even date, it has work arounds to creating a individual chart.


 Human design includes a lot of information- an abundance of information- and specific language that can be complicated and overwhelming, especially if you do not have the time to dive into your experiment.

 Put simply with HD, people are differentiated into groups of five types. (Projector, Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Generator, and Reflector). This first grouping allows you to learn about how you best make decisions based on your type.  A bonus of this first grouping is that it also teaches you simple baseline behaviors for interacting with others and how best for others to interact with you.  It is like you get a handbook on the care, keeping, working, and relationship making of yourself.


The system further groups people by profiles, incarnation crosses, authority, and much more.  (There is an overload of information in one chart).  People do not have to be students of human design in order to live its benefits.  If you like using personality test results like enneagram, DISC, or Meyers Briggs then adding your HD type may be an effective tool for living a mentally and physically healthy life.  


  So how does it work?

First, your chart is created (there are extra steps needed if you don’t have your true birth information, but they are totally doable). After your body graph (ah- snuck in HD lingo!) is finished, you start the process of identifying what you are working on/struggling with/ or would like support with in your life right now.  This happens in the first session.  Next, you begin the coaching process of overlaying what you want to accomplish on your human design information.  In every step, you begin to connect with yourself, your practitioner, and your lived experience.

 The end result is that you leave your human design session with hands on tools, exercises, and techniques for accomplishing your goals.  

Human Design Services

Human Design Chart Reading

In this one hour session jammed packed with information, you will learn about your unique design and how to apply it to your everyday life. 

Grief Work With Human Design 

Work through your grief by examining Human Design transits to revisit your experience of loss.  This session dives into your story of loss and helps you process it in a new way. 

Human Design Coaching 

Human Design Coaching sessions provides a safe space to take a deeper look at the aspects of the chart. With more time, we are able to hold space for supportive and healing conversations. We can comprehensively explore themes the chart in a way that a standard session lacks. 

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