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Human Design Chart Reading

In this one hour session jammed packed with information, you will learn about your unique design and how to apply it to your everyday life. 

Grief Work With Human Design 

Work through your grief by examining Human Design transits to revisit your experience of loss.  This session dives into your story of loss and helps you process it in a new way. 

Human Design Coaching 

Human Design Coaching sessions provides a safe space to take a deeper look at the aspects of the chart. With more time, we are able to hold space for supportive and healing conversations. We can comprehensively explore themes the chart in a way that a standard session lacks. 

Three Best Months 

The Best Three Months is an end-of-life care and planning process that goes beyond advanced directives and what is undesirable in our time of dying. B3M focuses on how we live our lives before, during, and after death.

Yearly Themes With Solar Returns

Give yourself the gift of a one hour birthday reading to help you understand themes that may present themselves as you journey once again around the sun. 

Understand Your Child With Human Design 

This in depth session helps you understand and motivate your child according to their unique design. 


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