Any time people come together to focus on growth and healing  a special bond is created.  This is made possible by holding space for what the client brings to the conversation and by allowing the client to be seen fully.  Kelly guides and follows her clients in a safe environment based on that bond.  She believes that Black Lives Matter and is LBGTQ+ affirming.  

All About Me

  Kelly Ruby Hanson is an author, human design practitioner, death doula, and life coach who helps others understand themselves, the people in their lives, and those who no longer are alive by guiding them to connect with their human design charts.  While studying human design,  Kelly learned that the system could be used to heal grief and bring compassion to relationships by teaching clients to see themselves and those they are in relationship with for who they are, not who the world thinks they should be. 

  Kelly has made it her mission to loosen the knots of expectations that the Western culture has placed on people and to help them raise their vibration by practicing generosity with themselves. 

  Kelly relies on her diverse experience and training to support her clients.  Her path as a coach began in EO where she learned skills in nonjudgement facilitation.  The desire to support others was reinforced when she saw the results of nontraditional therapies used to support her son's learning and sensory issues. Kelly worked for 20 years as a Certified Surgical Technologist, spending most of those years at a level one trauma hospital.  After the grappling with death of her mother and with patient losses at work, Kelly sought a better way to deal with grief and the dying process by completing  Death Doula training at the Conscious Dying Institute  in Boulder, CO. Her other work experience includes being a Managing Director of a youth theater company, a human resource specialist at a software company, and a Tae Bo instructor.

  What Kelly relies on most from her own HD chart when working with clients is her intuition and her not needing people to be a certain way. She helps clients release expectations imposed on them that no longer serve them.